Program Recognition Subsequent Renewal Process

A college’s Texas skill standards based program recognition will expire on December 31, three years from the date of the last renewal.  Six months prior to that date, colleges will be notified of the program recognition expiration date.  Colleges interested in renewing their program recognition should follow the steps below.

Step 1: Submission of Subsequent Renewal Application
Colleges are required to submit a separate application for each recognized program for which they are seeking renewal.  The subsequent renewal application consists of two forms, which include specific instructions:

Subsequent Renewal Application Cover, including basic program and contact information, and indication of whether the skill standards integrated into the curriculum OR the courses or placement of key activities in the program recognition matrix have changed.

AND if the changes have not occurred:

Subsequent Renewal Application Form One, which includes a statement of assurances, signed by a program representative (such as the chair or lead faculty member), the dean overseeing the program, and the college president or vice president of instruction/academic affairs, attesting to the use of assessments to evaluate students’ mastery of the skill standards.

OR if the changes have occurred:

Subsequent Renewal Application Form Two, submitted with sample assessments, as with initial renewal.

The subsequent renewal application forms can be downloaded at the links below:

Step 2: Notification of Coordinating Board Approval for Revised Programs
Colleges that significantly change their recognized program curriculum so that they are required to apply for Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approval for a program revision, shall notify Texas Workforce Investment Council (TWIC) staff when they receive such approval.  In such cases, a recognized program will not be considered for subsequent renewal until Coordinating Board approval is granted. 

Step 3: Review and Discussion of Subsequent Renewal Application
The college’s application is reviewed against the subsequent renewal requirements.  If there are any questions or concerns about whether the application meets the requirements, the college will be invited to discuss them and to make adjustments as needed.

Step 4: Program Recognition Renewal
For applications that meet all requirements, staff notifies the college that the program recognition renewal has been approved.
Applications that do not meet requirements, with or without adjustments, will be notified of the review process outcome.